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December 14th, 2003 – 3:26 pm
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A few news stories that I didn’t post about yet:

Iraqi army walkout over pay — Apparently they decided they weren’t being paid nearly enough get shot in place of American troops.

US bombing kills Afghan children — In another of our attempts to use bombs to kill specific people, the U.S. once again manages to kill children, while most likely not killing the guy they were after. Then, in case that wasn’t bad enough, a few days later, they do it again!

Cheney oil firm accused of overcharging $61m in Iraq — According to the Pentagon, Halliburton overcharged for fuel, to the tune of over $61 million. President Bush says they’ll have to pay it back, but, of course, Halliburton denies they’ve done anything wrong, and how likely do you think it is that they’ll end up paying the money back? They’ve got that connection to VP Cheney, and in the past few months have gotten over $1 billion from delays in putting out reconstruction contracts for actual competitive bidding.

Majority of the population of Uruguay votes against privatisation — It’s good to see the people of Uruguay stand up against another privatization idea pushed by the IMF that would have screwed them over while making money for foreign investors.

Brazil’s small farmers milked dry — An article on the effects of U.S.-led “globalization” in dairy farmers in Brazil, which points out the fact that for all our talk of free trade, the U.S. continues to subsidize it’s own dairy farmers.

Now playing in 2,600 home theaters: Bush’s lies about Iraq [Salon day pass required] — A piece about a really interesting documentary that I hope to see someday.

Nobel winner blasts rights abuses — The newest winner of the Nobel Peace Prize takes the U.S. and others to task for the human rights abuses done in the name of the so-called war on terror.

Bush warns Taiwan over referendum — Translation: “American companies want to make money off China (despite the US’s huge trade deficit with them), so we’re willing to sacrifice your independence.”

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