Mission Accomplished

December 6th, 2003 – 8:28 pm
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First go look at this animation, called “Mission Accomplished[Flash/Shockwave required].

Now, let me tell you something about it. The piece itself was done by Eric Blumrich, who runs bushflash.com. He’s got tons of other great animations on the site too, so poke around some and check them out.

I first heard about “Mission Accomplished” via this Atrios post, after the Dennis Kucinich campaign asked Eric if they could use it in a mailing to their supporters. He apparently considers all of the material on his site to be public domain, so he said sure, and the DK campaign stuck their logo on the last frame and sent it out. I applaud their doing it, even though, like Atrios, I’m not a Kucinich supporter.

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