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November 30th, 2003 – 7:07 pm
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I’ve finally come to accept the fact that I’m never going to find the time to comment on everything I want to make mention of, so I’m going to try occasionally posting links to news and opinions that I think you’ll find of interest, but which I’ve never gotten around to talking about.

Here’s the first batch:

The battle for the soul of the Democratic Party — A great analysis of the contest that is currently taking place in the Democratic Party between the old guard Clintonites and the new Dean people, and how it could end up effecting the 2004 election.

A Question of Fairness — A page about a special edition of NOW with Bill Moyers, which analyzed how the politics of the privileged may be jeopardizing America‚Äôs economic future.

For Middle Class, Health Insurance Becomes a Luxury — A rather scary article about how the health insurance crunch is hurting the middle class in the U.S.

Oh Good, Then the War’s Over? — A great piece about the latest sham of transferring power to the Iraqis.

Pork feast — A scathing editorial from the Financial Times about the farce that the U.S. Congress has become as it has been “transforming itself into a vending machine.”

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