Screwing up Medicare

November 17th, 2003 – 8:09 pm
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The Republicans are trying to push through a Medicare overhaul bill that will cause problems for many seniors, all so they can say that they created a prescription drug program. Of course, they’ve created one that make the elderly jump through hoops while doing nothing to control drug costs.

Top Problems In The Medicare “Compromise” Overhaul Bill:

1. Pushing Health Care Costs Higher For Older And Disabled Americans.

2. Forcing Older And Disabled Americans Out Of Traditional Medicare And Into HMOs.

3. Demanding That Six Million Low-Income Americans Pay More For Medications.

4. Giving More Than $200 Billion Over 10 Years To Private Industry.

5. Spending Seven Billion Dollars On Tax Breaks For Wealthy

6. Threatening The Quality Of Health Care For Older And Disabled Americans.

7. Ridding the Federal Government of Responsibility For Ensuring that Older and Disabled Americans Get the Care They Need

There’s also a New York Times article on the topic here.

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