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Victory in Bolivia (at least for now)

October 18th, 2003 – 9:35 am
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The people of Bolivia win. Bolivia’s new president has called for national unity, hours after his predecessor was forced out by weeks of violent anti-government protests. The new leader, Carlos Mesa – the former vice president – quickly offered to hold early elections and promised to do more for the indigenous Indian population. In a […]

Still more on electronic voting machines

October 18th, 2003 – 8:57 am
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A site called gathers together much of the information about the problems with the new electronic voting machines. Check it out. [via IP]

Rumsfeld sure can pick ’em

October 17th, 2003 – 9:54 pm
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The three-star general who is America’s “deputy undersecretary of defense for intelligence” is a bit of a zealot. Boykin’s insistence that the Axis of Evil is a manifestation of Satan’s power aimed at destroying this “Christian nation” makes him a walking provocation for an Islamic world already spooked by Bush’s glib calls to mount an […]

Miscounting the votes

October 15th, 2003 – 8:26 pm
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There’s a pretty bleak article over at The Independent about the problems with the new American voting machines: Now, weird things like this do occasionally occur in elections, and the figures, on their own, are not proof of anything except statistical anomalies worthy of further study. But in Georgia there was an extra reason to […]

Standing up for themselves

October 15th, 2003 – 8:12 pm
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The people of Bolivia have spent the last month fighting back against a plan to sell the country’s national gas reserves. It’s just the latest in a long series of neo-liberal plans that have seen most of Bolivia’s citizens getting poorer, while foreign companies, and those in Bolivia who cooperate with them, exploit the nation’s […]

Deadly lies

October 14th, 2003 – 11:03 pm
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Apparently the Catholic Church doesn’t see anything wrong with causing people to catch a deadly disease, as long as it also helps them keep people from using birth control. As the BBC reports: The Catholic Church has been accused of telling people in countries with high rates of HIV that condoms do not protect against […]

The Governator

October 12th, 2003 – 4:02 pm
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Okay, I haven’t commented much on the idiocy involved in electing Arnie as the governor of California, but this piece does a great job of summing things up. Arnold Schwarzenegger became governor of America’s largest state this week, lifting a groping paw to the controls of what some define as the fifth largest economy in […]


October 12th, 2003 – 3:45 pm
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This isn’t exactly on-topic for Wake Up, but I wanted to spread the word. If you’ve got a weblog that runs on MT, you might want to look into MT-Blacklist before you start to get hit by the comment-spamming bots that have recently nailed blogs like Making Light and Talk Left. It hasn’t been a […]

Turkey to the rescue?

October 7th, 2003 – 7:27 pm
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The U.S. is stuck in Iraq, now that Bush has failed to get the U.N. to put it’s stamp of approval on our version of the occupation. We’re stretched thin, and hemmoraging more money and lives every day. Fortunately, the Turkish government has agreed to step in and send up to 10,000 of its troops […]

The continuing voting machine farce

October 6th, 2003 – 8:51 pm
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Wired News observed a training session for poll workers in Alameda County in California, and were surprised by what they saw: Alameda County uses 4,000 touch-screen voting machines manufactured by Diebold Election Systems. But last month, officials in Maryland released a report saying that the Diebold machines were “at high risk of compromise” due to […]