Offshoring is good!?

October 29th, 2003 – 8:21 pm
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Hey, I’ll bet you didn’t know that sending American jobs to other countries is actually good for Americans! Well, apparently some people think so:

Yet pandering to protectionism would be wrong. Many people believe that money spent to buy services abroad is lost to the U.S. economy, but such views are easily disproved. Companies move their business services offshore because they can make more money, which means that wealth is created for the United States as well as for the country receiving the jobs. A McKinsey Global Institute study reveals the extent of the mutual benefits.

Basically their pro-offshoring arguments fall into one of two categories. First, sending jobs overseas saves money for the companies that do it, and those companies invest that money to create new jobs. Second, hey, it isn’t that hard for Americans to find new jobs. The whole thing is ridiculously offensive, as they pretty much contend that the destruction of families and lives caused by the loss of peoples’ jobs is all for the greater good, since it will help the economy in the long run. In other words, workers should be glad to sacrifice their happiness for the long term gains of our corporate masters, because what’s good for corporations is good for everyone. I’m sure all of the people who are unemployed or underemployed will sleep better knowing that.

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