Turkey to the rescue?

October 7th, 2003 – 7:27 pm
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The U.S. is stuck in Iraq, now that Bush has failed to get the U.N. to put it’s stamp of approval on our version of the occupation. We’re stretched thin, and hemmoraging more money and lives every day. Fortunately, the Turkish government has agreed to step in and send up to 10,000 of its troops to Iraq.

The problem is that Iraq’s 15-member Governing Council doesn’t want the Turks there. At least that’s their first reaction, which got out before their American taskmasters could keep it quiet. I’m sure though that tomorrow’s meeting between the Governing Council and our own Paul Bremmer will result in them falling into line, after they’ve been reminded just who is pulling their strings. Of course, that means showing the rest of the Iraqi people that we think of the Council as our puppets.

As for the Turks, all it took to get them involved was an $8.5 billion dollar loan, and the U.S. agreeing to help wipe out the PKK forces who are in northern Iraq. Oh, and there’s that whole selling out the Kurds thing, but we’ve long since proven that we don’t give a damn about them.

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