Tom Tomorrow on Howard Dean

August 28th, 2003 – 10:24 pm
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Tom Tomorrow, creator of This Modern World, attended the recent Howard Dean rally in NYC, and then shared some of his thoughts.

… I’ve talked to quite a few Dean supporters, including mainstream Democrats, lapsed voters, flaming leftists, Naderites, gay activists, civil libertarians, anti-death penalty lawyers, pro-single payer health professionals and even a surprising number of Nation staffers. I have yet to find one who mistakes Dean for Eugene Debs, or even for Paul Wellstone, whose line about belonging to the “democratic wing of the Democratic Party” Dean likes to borrow. They’ve gone for Dean because, alone among the major Democratic contenders, he has taken Bush on in an aggressive and forthright way, because he’s calling the craven Democratic Party to account and because they think he can win. “I have no illusions that Dean is a true progressive,” said one young graduate student who describes himself as a leftist, “but I don’t care. I just want to beat Bush. If Dean has the momentum, I say, go for it.”

I more or less agree with Tom’s opinions, though I think I’m a bigger fan of Dean than he is. In any case, right now there’s no one else among the Democratic contenders who is both willing to stand up to Bush and moderate enough to get the support of mainstream voters.

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