Dean on the economy

August 22nd, 2003 – 7:24 pm
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From Howard Dean’s op-ed piece in today’s Wall Street Journal:

In about 500 days, the next president will take office. There will be an inaugural address, full of talk of promises and hopes. Let us hope the next inaugural speech holds up better in the perspective of history than the last one.

Promising a “compassionate” administration, President Bush pledged to “recover the momentum of our economy,” “reward the effort and enterprise of working Americans” and confront economic problems now, “instead of passing them on to future generations.” Instead, he’s offered tax cuts that don’t address our needs, and saddled our children with debt for generations to come. On this president’s watch, the federal debt has grown by over $1 trillion. That’s the rough equivalent of putting $3,500 on the charge card of every American.

How did our nation come to this place? The answer is simple — the economic policies of this administration are aimed at ideological goals, not help for the average American.

Thanks to NNN for pointing this one out, as I’m definitely not a WSJ reader.

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