Profits before power

August 16th, 2003 – 11:42 pm
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In the current climate of fear that the Bush administration pushes to sustain its “War on Terror”, terrorism is an obvious explanation for what went wrong during the big blackout this week, but, while it’s good to not trust the government version of what happened, the true cause of the power loss is more likely greed and the farce known as “deregulation.” After all, why spend money on upgrading the infrastructure of the power grid when you can put that money toward bonuses and stock dividends?

Now the same goons who let this happen in the first place, and, of course, their spokesperson President Bush, are trying to lay the blame on Congress for not passing their deeply flawed energy bill. This ignores the fact that the blackout happened despite their being plenty of power, so burning more fossil fuels and building more nuke plants to generate more power won’t help the problem at all. It’s the grid system, and those who are in charge of it, who are at fault. Their next move will be to try and get the government to pay for upgrading the grid, pushing off the costs of supporting their business on taxpayers, while at the same time whining and crying for even less government regulation.

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