The “L” word

July 7th, 2003 – 10:32 pm
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A rather annoyed Tom Tomorrow of This Modern World posted:

An aide to Mr. Lieberman said: “Everyone wants a race against Dean. Everyone has looked at the research, and he looks easiest to bring down. He’s positioned himself as a liberal, and liberals don’t win here.”

“What the Democrats want more than anything else in the nominee is someone who can beat Bush — Democrats just want to win,” this aide said.

A few quick points here. One, in any rational society, Dean would be considered, at most, a sensible moderate. Two, I’m so bloody sick of Democrats who react to the word “liberal” as if it were an accusation of child abuse or satan worship, I could bloody scream. You don’t see Republicans squealing like scared little girls every time someone calls them conservative, now do you? I want to get rid of Bush as much as the next rational person, but I’ll tell you this: any Democrat who so blatantly distances himself from liberalism can go take the proverbial flying leap at the rolling donut, as far as I’m concerned.

And finally, two words for Mr. Lieberman, or any other candidate who thinks that Howard Dean is too much of a firebreather and the only way to win the ’04 election is through bland moderation: Michael Dukakis.


And since I’m quoting Tom, I suppose this is a good spot to link to one of his recent comics that I think is especially great. In case you hadn’t heard, the Republicans are looking to 9-11 to save Bush (again). This time it’ll be by having next year’s Republican Convention in NYC, and scheduling it around the anniversary of the tragedy. It’s a pretty disgusting exploitation of those who died on that day, but I’ve long since given up being surprised by how low they’ll sink.

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