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The buck finally stops?

July 31st, 2003 – 7:21 pm
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Finally, after weeks of letting the blame get passed around his administration for including false information in his State of the Union address, Bush finally decided to take responsibility for it being there. After weeks of shifting blame to others, President Bush on Wednesday took personal responsibility for the much-challenged claim that Iraq had attempted […]

A no-no for flag wavers

July 30th, 2003 – 10:47 pm
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Yes, it’s President Bush II signing a flag. No, you’re not supposed to write on flags, at least not if you’re following the U.S. Code on the matter. I’d be disgusted, but it’s just too ridiculous.

A van ride with Howard Dean

July 28th, 2003 – 8:52 pm
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There’s a pretty good article about Howard Dean that was posted over on Slate this afternoon. I especially like it because the writer manages to be enthusiastic about Dean without sounding like a sycophant.

More on Alton vs. the airport goons

July 27th, 2003 – 10:11 pm
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There have been a couple of updates [check the July 15 and July 21 entries] to the story about Alton Brown and the pan he had confiscated by airport security. This is my favorite quote: This particular battle may be over, but think of all the innocent air travelers out there who don’t have an […]

They’re they biased ones?

July 27th, 2003 – 9:58 pm
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Today US Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz went on FOX news to accuse Arab news channels of being biased and inciting violence against American troops. I hope that the irony of him making comments like that on FOX News, easily the most biased of the American news networks, isn’t lost on anyone. Unsurprisingly, representatives […]

A visit from the FBI

July 26th, 2003 – 11:14 am
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From Creative Loafing, via a post on This Modern World: You don’t want that? Have I just been threatened by the FBI? Confusion and a light dusting of panic conspire to keep me speechless. Was I reading something that morning? Something that would constitute a problem? The partner speaks up again: “Maybe a printout of […]

Howard Dean’s statement on Arab and Muslim civil rights abuses

July 21st, 2003 – 9:51 pm
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Howard Dean issued a statement about the Justice Department’s inspector general’s report on abuses inflicted on Arab and Muslim prisoners who were detained under the Patriot Act. Statements like these are one of the reasons that Dean is my favorite among the Democratic contenders for the President. Go and read it.

Okay, now we want help

July 21st, 2003 – 8:51 pm
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There was an excellent piece in The Guardian this past Friday, which talked about how the U.S. is now coming to the realization that it needs help in Iraq, but is faced with the reality that the Bush administration’s policy of unilateralism has made much of the rest of the world reluctant to provide that […]

Gilmore ejected from plane for “Suspected Terrorist” button

July 19th, 2003 – 9:54 am
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Activist John Gilmore was kicked off of a British Airways flight yesterday for wearing a button on his lapel that read “Suspected Terrorist”. My sweetheart Annie and I tried to fly to London today (Friday) on British Airways. We started at SFO, showed our passports and got through all the rigamarole, and were seated on […]

Crazy talk

July 16th, 2003 – 8:58 am
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Demonstrating once again just how loony some on the far right can be, Pat Robertson, evangelist and the host of The 700 Club, has called on people watching his show to pray for God to remove three of the Supreme Court justices, so they can be replaced with conservatives. Why? Because the recent vote in […]