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June 30th, 2003 – 9:00 pm
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Having just gotten back from a vacation in the lovely Adirondacks (where I was without email, a phone, or even electricity), I thought I’d quickly catch up on a few of the major events that occurred in my absence.

The Supreme Court struck down a Texas anti-sodomy law, and did so in such a way that it is likely to have ripple effects, especially for gays, for some time to come. Senate Majority leader Bill Frist decided that this meant it was time to call for an amendment to the Constitution to ban gay marriages.

The Israelis and the Palestinians came up with a cease fire that included the pullout of Israeli troops from Gaza and parts of the West Bank. The whole thing is still exceedingly fragile, of course, but I’m rather amazed that the latest peace process has even gotten this far, considering how things where looking when I left.

And in Iraq….things are pretty much the same, with almost daily reports of American troops being attacked. Rumsfeld has assured us though that this is not a quagmire. Obviously his definition of quagmire is different from most.

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