A soldier’s life

June 30th, 2003 – 8:29 pm
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The truth about American soldiers in Iraq is a far cry from the romanticized image some people seem to have of our men and women in uniform.

But a closer look at these American GIs, sweltering in the heat of an unwelcoming Iraq, reveals the glazed eyes and limp expressions of those who have witnessed a war they do not understand and have begun to resent. By their own admission these American soldiers have killed civilians without hesitation, shot wounded fighters and left others to die in agony.

As they say, war is hell. You send a bunch of young people into a foreign land filled with people who hate them, and this is what happens. The thing that amazed me the most, I think, was that these guys appear to have been completely taken in by Bush’s bullshit about the connection between Saddam and 9-11. Of course, they probably want to be believe it, so that they can at least pretend they’re there for a reason.

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