Saving Private Lynch?

April 20th, 2003 – 8:48 pm
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Remember Army Pfc. Jessica Lynch, who was rescued from captivity by our brave soldiers during the war? To hear the U.S. military talk about it, you would have thought that it was a heroic mission that snatched Private Lynch right out of the hands of the Iraqi military. Now that the war is over though, it turns out though that in fact there weren’t any Iraqi soldiers at the hospital they took Lynch out of, just the doctors who had been caring for her and running interference so she wouldn’t be taken off to Baghdad by Baathist loyalists. These doctors were not, apparently, well treated by the American troops.

Of course, most of the U.S. media is studiously avoiding reporting this side of the story, so I doubt that the truth will effect the movies and books about the rescue that are in the works.

UPDATE: I apparently spoke too soon about the U.S. media, as the story, which appeared in the U.K. papers a few days ago, was picked up Sunday (at least by CNN).

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