Moral Bankruptcy

April 14th, 2003 – 9:23 pm
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Over on Daily Kos there’s an excellent post by Steve Gilliard about how Bush and his cronies have been reacting to the endgame of the war on Iraq. Read it!


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    When you think of the family that “W” grew up in, or the fact that Cheney was privy to all the dubious things that went on in the Reagan White House era, is there really any wonder that he’s turned out to be the kind of president he is? He was taught by example that the best way to resolve a situation is to sweep it under something heavy, shift the blame to someone else, or just buy your way out of it. Nature *and* Nurture, I think


    Comment made by Lou Evans on April 15, 2003 @ 4:18 pm

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    Which doesn’t bode well at all for the future, since some Republicans are apparently already talking up Jeb Bush for President in 2008.



    Comment made by Michael on April 15, 2003 @ 8:01 pm

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