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April 13th, 2003 – 8:04 pm
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There has been a lot of talk about what comes next for the neocons in their attempt to reshape the Middle East according to their own vision of how things should be (even if that’s not how the people there want it to be).

Apparently it’s going to be Syria, as we’ve been treated to a few days now of various members of the U.S. administration accusing the government there of various things, though always, as with the case with Iraq, without any actual proof to back up their claims. Things seemed to have reached a new level today, with Bush having stated that there were chemical weapons in Syria, while Rumsfeld said that there was “no question” that Iraqi fugitives had gone to Syria, and Powell added to the chorus by saying that materials destined for Saddam’s regime had flowed through Syria.

Of course, the real problem that Washington has with Syria (besides their lack of groveling) is that country’s support for the Hizbollah guerrillas who drove Israel out of occupied south Lebanon. We’ve apparently even promised Israel that we’ll deal with Syrian support for the guerrillas as part of an effort to get Sharon to enter into a new peace deal with the Palestinians (despite the fact that we won’t actually hold him to his side of the bargain).

Before the war on Iraq is even completed, the neoconservatives have us on the way to the next conflict.

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