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March 16th, 2003 – 10:21 pm
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“An airline passenger has complained to U.S. authorities that a government baggage screener left a note in his suitcase criticizing his lack of patriotism after finding a ‘No Iraq War’ sign inside his bag.”

“With some 15,000 to 20,000 folks at the rodeo drinking beer and having fun, things can get a little out of hand at times. It happened when a tape of Lee Greenwood’s song Proud To Be An American was playing. Some rodeo fans were standing and others were sitting down. Felix Fanaselle and his buddies chose to remain seated.”

“If I were given a choice of pressing one of two buttons – one to do away with terrorism or another to do away with those Democrats up in Washington – I wouldn’t even have to think about it. I would do away with the Democrats, and do this country a favor.”

Tom Tomorrow (writer of the great This Modern World comics) lists off three recent incidents that certainly say a lot about how some people on the other side of the debate think. Their version of America definitely isn’t the same as mine.

Read about them here.

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