War is coming

March 7th, 2003 – 9:22 pm
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Last night Bush held a news conference, in which he more or less declared that the war was going to happen, U.N. or no U.N. While British Prime Minister Tony Blair desperately tries to get a second resolution passed (as it seems he has finally realized that the British public doesn’t support him), Bush pushes on, confident because the poll numbers show support for the war among the American public. Apparently the majority of the American public are all too willing to believe the lies the administration puts out about the imminent threat to Americans from Saddam, and the fact that Bush never seems to present any actual proof of his allegations doesn’t bother them in the least. Of course, the fact that the major televison news organizations are all almost entirely uncritical of anything coming out of the government these days could have something to do with that.

So, off we go to war. Despite the fact that inspectors say that the inspections are working. Despite the fact that some experts on international law say that the war will be illegal. Despite the thousands and thousands of Iraqi civilians who will die. Despite the fact that the war won’t make us any safer.


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