Turkey puts the brakes on again

March 1st, 2003 – 8:42 pm
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“Turkey’s parliament has narrowly failed to approve the deployment of US troops on its territory for a possible war with neighbouring Iraq.

MPs voted 264-250 in favour of the deployment, but the motion fell four votes short of the required majority of deputies present in the chamber.”

Maybe this will be a short-lived victory, as they apparently might vote again on the measure next week, but for now the U.S. war plans have definitely suffered a setback. It was good to see that the members of the Turkish parliament weren’t quite as willing as their leaders to ignore the fact that 80% of their citizens oppose the war.

Personally, I was entertained by the fact that FOX News was scrolling something about the measure having passed for some time, until it was explained to them that it had actually failed.

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