Free speech=treason

February 11th, 2003 – 10:45 pm
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“In an editorial yesterday, the editors of the New York Sun, a conservative newspaper founded last year, call on New York City to obstruct a protest against a potential war in Iraq for as long as possible and to monitor the protestors for ‘an eventual treason prosecution.’ This breathtaking article is a direct attack on the free speech rights of every American.”

Brendan Nyhan, of, takes on the NY Sun’s recent editorial, in which it basically equated opposing the war against Iraq with treason. This is just part of a recent trend among many Bush supporters (such as the venomous Ann Coulter), of accusing those who don’t support GW of being traitors. These people really don’t get this whole freedom of speech thing, do they? Fortunately, even some of the supporters of the war against Iraq have spoken out against the Sun’s editorial.

Read more of Brendan’s piece here, and more on the topic here [requires Salon day pass to view].

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