More marching toward war

January 27th, 2003 – 9:48 pm
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“United States officials have made clear that they are running out of patience with Iraq after an unexpectedly harsh report by the chief UN weapons inspector.

Iraq has complied with United Nations demands only reluctantly and may still possess biological weapons and rockets, chief inspector Hans Blix told the Security Council on Monday.

‘Iraq appears not to have come to a genuine acceptance – not even today – of the disarmament which was demanded of it,’ he said.

However, unlike his colleague at the IAEA, Mr Blix did not specifically ask for more time to carry out inspections, saying he was aware there was a ‘sense of urgency’.”

In other words, because the U.S. is so anxious to attack Iraq, Mr. Blix didn’t feel that it would be a good idea to ask for more time for the inspection process to actually be completed. Does this actually make sense to anyone?

It has, of course, just encouraged the Bush administration in its push to get the war against Iraq started as soon as possible. This despite the fact that in his upcoming State of the Union Address Bush still won’t be telling the American people what evidence he supposedly has about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction (apparently we’re just supposed to trust him on it), and the fact that the stock market is already dropping before the war even starts, as investors finally realize that the war is going to do nothing but hurt the economy.

Read the BBC story here.

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