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January 13th, 2003 – 7:36 pm
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A rant I saw posted anonymously over on the cypherpunks list last week. While I don’t agree with one hundred percent of it, I do agree with some. Plus, I just like it…

“I regret to inform you that henceforth, the Constitution
and derivative laws will be used only in a public relations
sense as a symbol of the legitimacy of the government, rather
than as a written delineation of the firm limitations on the
powers of government.

Previously, the United States Government claimed a monopoly
on intimidation and violence within its borders, and it
occasionally added other locales such as Latin America,
Southeast Asia, etc.

Currently, it is extending that claim of monopoly world wide,
and it is adding to its proscribed list any ‘precursors’ that
could aid, support, fund, hide, protect or otherwise further any
power to intimidate and apply violence other than that of the
United States and its surrogates, most notably the UK.

The precursors will include privacy, in any form, particularly
encryption (unless its use is deemed a worthwhile flag for
focused surveillance); associations with others, such as any
loyal following or set of like-minded independent people that
might be led in some direction not of Washington’s choosing;
information about the actions and plans of government, since
that enables interference and could damage public acquiescence
to necessary national security measures; financial resources,
other than those that pass through verified identity gatekeepers;
knowledge of the law, and the process of capturing, obtaining
intelligence through torture, and imprisoning people, as that
gives a balance of power and a sympathetic public forum to
targets; and so on.

Intersections of those precursors, such as privacy and financial
resources, or information and private associations, will be
particularly attacked.

Not even a massive database on Americans designed by a former
disgraced National Security Advisor who was convicted of 5 felonies
involving shipping shoulder fired missiles to Iran, lying to Congress,
funding US-supported terrorism in Nicaragua that was prohibited by
law, seems to earn any concern from the sheep. Not even the
selected suspension of Habeas Corpus draws a crowd in opposition.

It is quite interesting to see how the evisceration of the Bill
of Rights is essentially accepted unopposed. No marches in the
streets, no demonstrations, no uproar from the liberal media, no
effective political opposition as the Democrats and Republicans
are competing only in which can be most draconian, as they
practiced in setting the imprisonment penalties in the ‘war on

The frog is being boiled by upping the thermostat a degree at a
time, and it is just happily basking in the warming waters,
trusting its attendant to protect its interests, in the name of
National Security.

Lest one blame this president or his party, consider that there
is no daylight between the parties on these measures.

The only debate we hear among our politicians is whether or not
to preemptively do a Pearl Harbor on Iraq with or without a UN
stamp of acquiescence. A war must be fought to provide a clearer
reason for and distraction from the rise of fascism. If the people
can be rewarded with cheaper gas at the pump as a bonus, then
the highly-favorable body bag count of an imminently-videoable
war from 40,000 feet and cheaper energy will ensure a continuing
grant of carte blanc to the government.

Have you heard Gore or Kerry or Edwards or Daschle or Gebhardt
or others bemoan the designation of Americans as “enemy
combatants”? Have the Democrats opposed the “USA Patriot Act”?
Have the minority members of intelligence commitees demanded
information on how powers of grabbing bookseller and library
records is being used? No. This competition is one between free
people and government-in-lockstep, and almost all of the people
accept the ever-warming impositions of government out of custom,
accepting the terrorism fear-mongering and long practice, further
advanced by a gross ignorance of history.

We are witnessing the rise of a fascist state unlike any other
in history, in that this fascist state is the world’s sole superpower,
positioned by technology, wealth, and military might to prevent
the rise of any competing superpower.

And domestically, as penalties for various behaviors are
increased, and those behaviors penalized are multiplied
exponentially, it becomes a simple matter to build a model of
optimization: Choose between confessing to a plea bargain (in
spite of your innocence) that will make you a felon, but which
will allow you to remain outside the walls of a prison under
close supervision and harsh restrictions or spend a half million
dollars (or accept the public defender’s efforts) over a couple
of years in legal processes in which your opponent has unlimited
staff, information resources, funding and power to reward its
collaborators, during which you are jailed, facing a 20% chance
that you will be convicted in spite of your innocence and then
face a judge with the power to incarcerate you until the day you
die in prison.

At some point, are you going to love Big Brother?” — Anonymous

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