Pandering to the rich

January 6th, 2003 – 8:46 pm
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“Let’s see if we have this right. President Bush plans to propose a stimulus plan the centerpiece of which will have little or no stimulative effect. At a time when some people badly could use help, Mr. Bush’s tax cut mostly will help those who need it least. And while the president is warning Congress to restrain its spending on basics such as education and aid to the poor, the tax cuts will further inflate his growing budget deficit. No wonder that Mr. Bush, even before officially unveiling the plan tomorrow, waved his magic ‘class warfare’ amulet, seeking to obscure the obvious — another tax cut for the rich — by preemptively accusing his accusers.”

There has been a lot published over the past few days about the Bush plan for fixing the economy, which mainly seems to involve giving big tax breaks to the richest people in the U.S., while at the same time claiming that there is little money for things like education. The scariest part is actually how shameless he is about it, despite the last minute addition of a few programs that would seem to be aimed at those of more modest incomes. Compare and contrast with the Democrats’ plan, which, while hardly perfect, is certainly a much better deal for most people in the United States.

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