January 6th, 2003 – 8:48 pm
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“The FCC has initiated a proceeding that will lead to further dramatic changes in our media system. It’s clear the FCC Chairman Michael Powell and the Bush-controlled Federal Communications Commission plans to end or weaken federal policies that have served as an important ‘check and balance’ system for much of our media. These changes will have an impact in every community in the US, where there will soon be even fewer owners of TV and radio stations, newspapers, and cable systems. Nationally, a smaller number of conglomerates will control most of the major media outlets. Given the Powell FCC’s recent policy decisions on the Internet, the few remaining dominant owners of ‘old’ media will have their power extended to the new online medium as well. In short, this is a huge giveaway of public resources and political power to a tiny few.”

Basically, FCC Chairman Powell wants to get rid of the rules that keep corporations from owning as many media outlets as they want. This will mean that fewer and fewer giant corporations will control what most of the American public sees and hears, which, in addition to almost assuring that the quality of most major media sinks even further, means that these corporations will control the flow of information to an even greater extent than they do now.

Read more about it here and here.

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