Extortion by Israel?

January 3rd, 2003 – 9:59 pm
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“‘Tough Love for United,’ exclaimed the Wall Street Journal, as it congratulated Uncle Sam for stiffing United Airlines’ plea for $1.8 billion in loan guarantees. Rebuffed, the beloved old airline had to declare its bankruptcy.

It’s all for the best, the Journal assures us, ‘maybe this tough love rejection will start a new government precedent, or at least we can dream.’ Fine. May we now expect the Journal to call on Mr. Bush to reject the $10 billion in loan guarantees demanded by Ariel Sharon? Don’t bet on it.”

You know, I really don’t like agreeing with Pat Buchanan, as I find some of his views repugnant. I will give him credit for speaking his mind though, and for being a high-profile figure who is willing to stand up to the Israeli lobby. In this piece, he makes some good points about America’s capitulation to Israeli’s desires, and our apparently inability to stand up to Ariel Sharon.

Read the whole piece here.

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