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Wanted: Strongman

December 3rd, 2002 – 9:12 pm
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“Iraq is a patchwork country put together by a British colonial office in 1921. The country was deliberately splintered between the majority Shiites (who have no power), the minority Sunnis (who have all the power) and Kurds (who would rather have their own country). It was planned instability, with everyone at everyone else’s throat, while […]

The 12 Days of Fascism

December 3rd, 2002 – 8:50 pm
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As cribbed from a recent issue of Undernews: On the twelfth day of fascism John Ashcroft gave to me Twelve digital implants Eleven years protesting Ten less amendments Nine internment camps Eight surveillance cameras Seven TIPsters tipping Six snoops a-sniffing Five Carnivores Four airport friskings Three wiretappings Two detained Muslims And a Department of Homeland […]

Outside the law

December 3rd, 2002 – 8:42 pm
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“The Bush administration is developing a parallel legal system in which terrorism suspects — U.S. citizens and noncitizens alike — may be investigated, jailed, interrogated, tried and punished without legal protections guaranteed by the ordinary system, lawyers inside and outside the government say.” This piece from the Washington Post does a good job of laying […]