Wanted: Strongman

December 3rd, 2002 – 9:12 pm
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“Iraq is a patchwork country put together by a British colonial office in 1921. The country was deliberately splintered between the majority Shiites (who have no power), the minority Sunnis (who have all the power) and Kurds (who would rather have their own country). It was planned instability, with everyone at everyone else’s throat, while the English quietly plundered the oil.

A U.S. invasion will bring all that instability to the surface, and it is not unlikely that Iraq could literally implode, spreading instability to the rest of the region, with Iraq’s huge oil reserves up for grabs. The oilmen in the White House can’t have that, so we are going to need another strongman to keep things together. The leading candidates are a chilling lot.”

This excellent piece take a look at some of the men that have been proposed as possible new leaders for Iraq, and pretty clearly shows that the last thing on the minds of the current U.S. administration is the future happiness of the Iraqi people.

Read the whole thing here.

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