Starve them

December 3rd, 2002 – 9:29 pm
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“The Israeli army (IDF) has become embroiled in a dispute with the United Nations after it destroyed a building containing hundreds of tons of food aid for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.”

So what was the IDF’s justification for this? Well, apparently they are in the process of creating a “safe passage for Jews between a nearby Jewish settlement and Jewish enclaves inside Hebron” by blowing up or bulldozing buildings (mostly owned by Palestinians). Just in case you don’t think that this is a very good justification for blowing up a warehouse full of food aid, they also toss in the possibility that there was at least one militant Palestinian hiding in the upper floors of the building. Oh, and they didn’t notice that the warehouse was full of food aid, despite the U.N. flag and the clearly marked food containers.

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