More post-election talk

November 18th, 2002 – 9:52 pm
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Here are some more thoughts about the recent election. First, from Tom Tomorrow:

“This time around, Democrats simply must wake up and face facts–the party no longer stands for anything. Enron alone should have given them this election on a silver platter, but they were too timid to speak out against corporate corruption– because, yes, they are equally vested in the system, and because, as I think Joe Lieberman put it, they didn’t want to appear too ‘anti-business.'”

And then from Ralph Nader:

“Lessons for the future? Don’t give your major political opponents a free ride between and before elections. Challenge the corporate takeover of elections, including the sudden surge of political television advertising paid directly by industries like the big price-gouging drug companies. And get down to the neighborhood level with visible stands for the people. Otherwise the Democrats will become even better at electing very bad Republicans.”

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