Occupying Iraq?

October 17th, 2002 – 9:06 am
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“The White House is developing a detailed plan, modeled on the postwar occupation of Japan, to install an American-led military government in Iraq if the United States topples Saddam Hussein, senior administration officials said today.”

Yes, that’s right, the U.S. is now developing a plan to occupy Iraq for an extended period of time, maybe even years. After this article appeared in the New York Times, government sources were quick to say that this was the least likely of the plans being considered, but, even if that’s true, it still means that occupation is being looked at as an option. This is a terrible idea. As Henry Kissenger said during hearings in the Senate last month, “I am viscerally opposed to a prolonged occupation of a Muslim country at the heart of the Muslim world by Western nations who proclaim the right to re-educate that country.”

Read the original article here [registration required], and some reaction here and here.

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