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October 8th, 2002 – 10:09 pm
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“Given what is at stake, one would have thought that the administration would have made a stronger case for going to war than President George W. Bush did on Monday evening.

The weakness of the administration’s position is apparent in its insistence of repeating stories of Iraqi atrocities from more than 10 to 20 years ago, such as its support for international terrorist groups like Abu Nidal and its use of chemical weapons. It was during this period when the United States was quietly supporting the Iraqi regime, covering up reports of its use of chemical weapons and even providing intelligence for Iraqi forces that used such weapons against Iranian troops. Though the 1980s marked the peak of Iraq’s support for terrorist groups, the U.S. government actually dropped Iraq from its list of states sponsoring terrorism because of its own ties to the Iraqi war effort.”

An excellent analysis of President Bush’s speech last night, the one that he told the major networks they didn’t need to bother broadcasting. Seems like a strange way to make your case to the American people, but then, since he didn’t have anything worthwhile to say, I guess it was just as well.

Read the article here, and another great analysis here.

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