It’s the economy, Stupid!

October 8th, 2002 – 10:17 pm
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According to a CBS News/New York Times poll that came out this weekend:

“70% of voters say they want to hear what candidates have to say about the economy, while 17% of voters want to hear the candidates’ positions on Iraq.

56% of Americans, more than at any time since 1993, say the national economy is in bad shape. Just 41% approve of the way President Bush is handling the economy – the lowest number since he took office.

Most think the President should be paying more attention to the economy than he is, even with the pressures of the war in Afghanistan. And President Bush, members of his administration, and the Republican Party are seen as caring more about the needs of large corporations than about the needs of ordinary Americans. ”

George’s father didn’t get it either.

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