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October 2nd, 2002 – 10:56 pm
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“US and British diplomatic hopes of setting quick and tough new rules on Iraqi disarmament and inspections have been dashed. They have been knocked off course by opposition from other members of the United Nations Security Council and by a deft Iraqi decision to promise cooperation on the basis of the old rules.”

This article gives a pretty good summary of the maneuvering that’s taken place with regard to Iraq the last few days. Basically, the UN inspectors reached a deal with Iraq to allow them to return under the rules set up in previous UN resolutions. This, of course, annoyed the United States to no end, because it removes one of the immediate pretenses for war, and because the Bush administration is worried that if the inspectors give Iraq a clean bill of health we’ll have no real excuse for invading. Under the circumstances it’s pretty unlikely that the UN Security Council will pass a resolution that even comes close to what the US wants. Not that this is going to stop the US from attacking Iraq anyway.

Read the whole article here.

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