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October 6-7 National Days of Resistance to War and Repression

September 30th, 2002 – 9:02 pm
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On October 6th and 7th, there will be rallies and other events across the country to protest current U.S. policies, especially the proposed war against Iraq. Read more about it here.

Just say no to war with Iraq

September 29th, 2002 – 5:23 pm
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The fine folks over at have put together a compendium of opinions opposing the war against Iraq, drawing from the right, center and left of political thought. It’s being updated on a regular basis with new material, so be sure to check it out.

Business as usual

September 29th, 2002 – 5:19 pm
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“In August, President Bush took time from his month-long vacation to travel to WorldCom territory in Mississippi. Saying that he was ‘disillusioned’ with corporate scandals, he demanded that the Senate act immediately to join the Republican majority in the House in passing pension reform legislation. What the President did not say is that the House […]

Uncle oSAMa Says…

September 29th, 2002 – 5:13 pm
Tagged as: Uncategorized’s most recent op-ed ad is their take on the famous 1917 recruiting poster, updated for the “war” against Iraq. You can see it here.

All linked to al Queda!

September 29th, 2002 – 5:07 pm
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Today’s Boondocks comic fits in very well with my last post, and is also pretty amusing. View it here.

Yes… no… yes

September 28th, 2002 – 11:13 am
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September 10, Washington Post: “As it makes its case against Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, the Bush administration has for now dropped what had been one of the central arguments presented by supporters of a military campaign against Baghdad: Iraq’s links to al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations.” September 26, BBC News: “The United States has […]

Back again

September 28th, 2002 – 11:01 am
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Yes, Wake Up was on hiatus while I was away in Toronto on vacation, but I hope to keep things moving along at a decent pace now that I’m back. Expect a host of new posts Sunday, as I attempt to deal with some of the backlog of news that occurred while I was away. […]

Meanwhile, back in Afghanistan…

September 14th, 2002 – 9:28 am
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“A US airstrike that killed dozens of guests at a wedding party in Afghanistan in July was justified, a US military investigation has concluded. The US say their gunship was fired on. Its report says people at the party in central Afghanistan’s Uruzgan province who fired at US aircraft were to blame, not the American […]

Supporting the war against Iraq?

September 14th, 2002 – 9:17 am
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Today’s Boondocks comic is great (as it often is). Check it out here.

Don’t believe everything the media tells you

September 13th, 2002 – 10:20 pm
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“Anyone who spends a little time in Baghdad knows there is one thing the dwindling, beaten-down middle class of that country fears more than the hideous regime of Saddam Hussein: an Islamic uprising. The Iraqis sent millions of young men to their deaths in the 1980s fighting exactly the kind of fundamentalist Islamic mentality that […]