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Supporting democracy?

August 5th, 2002 – 9:49 pm
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“Watching the pathetic, mealy-mouthed response of President Bush and his State Department to Egypt’s decision to sentence the leading Egyptian democracy advocate to seven years in prison leaves one wondering whether the whole Bush foreign policy team isn’t just a big bunch of phonies. Shame on all of them.” This opinion piece talks about the […]

A war against Iraq is not a good idea

August 5th, 2002 – 9:28 pm
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Two articles about why the idea of a war with Iraq is a bad one. First, from The Guardian: “A former chief of defence staff, Field Marshal Lord Bramall, warned in a letter to the Times that an invasion of Iraq would pour “petrol rather than water” on the flames and provide al- Qaida with […]

Democratic situationalists versus Green existentialists

August 5th, 2002 – 9:13 pm
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From the July 30th issue of Undernews: “But even if Nader only took one percentage point away from Gore – the most that can possibly be claimed – some will say that the Greens should have known better than to take that risk. In a way, it comes down to a debate between Democratic situationists […]