Bombing cover-up?

August 5th, 2002 – 10:55 pm
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“The Afghan Government has warned against any cover-up in the investigation into a US airstrike which killed nearly 50 people at a wedding party at the start of July. The warning came amid reports that a preliminary United Nations investigation into the bombing had found that US officials removed vital evidence from the site after the incident. The UN probe is said to have found that US troops cleaned the area – removing shrapnel, bullets and traces of blood.”

Apparently, according to reports from UN humanitarian workers who arrived on the scene, the US made a concerted effort to get rid of evidence after the bombing. The right course of action would seem to have been to admit the military made a grevious error and then apologize, but then the US can never admit it’s wrong, especially under the current administration.

Read the article here, and a follow-up story (about the UN changing the final report) here.

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