A war against Iraq is not a good idea

August 5th, 2002 – 9:28 pm
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Two articles about why the idea of a war with Iraq is a bad one.

First, from The Guardian:

“A former chief of defence staff, Field Marshal Lord Bramall, warned in a letter to the Times that an invasion of Iraq would pour “petrol rather than water” on the flames and provide al- Qaida with more recruits. He quoted a predecessor who said during the 1956 Suez crisis: “Of course we can get to Cairo but what I want to know is what the bloody hell do we do when we get there?”

The article sums up the view of many US and UK commanders that an attack on Iraq is ill-advised, at best.

Then there is this from the New York Times:

“An American attack on Iraq could profoundly affect the American economy, because the United States would have to pay most of the cost and bear the brunt of any oil price shock or other market disruptions, government officials, diplomats and economists say.”

In other words, in addition to causing the Middle east to go up in flames, and getting large numbers of American troops killed for no good reason (other than raising poll numbers), an attack on Iraq could also cause the American economy to tank even more than it already has. Read the whole article here [registration required].

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