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Ignoring horror

July 23rd, 2002 – 8:37 pm
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“An international human rights organisation has accused the Russian military of a campaign of executions in Chechnya to deliberately reduce the break-away republic’s male pop.” The United States more or less ignored the many human rights abuses in Chechnya during the Clinton administration, and will likely continue to do the same during the Bush adminstration, […]

Hiding behind his master’s troops

July 23rd, 2002 – 8:32 pm
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“Afghan President Hamid Karzai has asked for American bodyguards to help reinforce his security. Until now Mr Karzai has been guarded solely by Afghans, most of them mujahideen fighters.” Apparently it is a tradition of sorts in Afghanistan for unpopular rulers to bring in foreigners to protect them, so now the U.S. puppet in Kabul […]


July 23rd, 2002 – 8:26 pm
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“While Congress is putting the spotlight on business practices in response to a spate of corporate malfeasance that has shaken the markets and shrunk the retirement accounts of constituents, both parties continue to rely on the corporate sector as a steady font of campaign cash — even as they jockey for supremacy on the subject […]

No, President Bush, we will not help you attack Iraq

July 23rd, 2002 – 8:19 pm
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“The last thing Europe wants is to be accused of going wobbly on Iraq. But the American talk of overthrowing Saddam Hussein by military force is raising alarms in European governments. They are saying that any American miscalculation could undermine the international coalition that is fighting against terrorism, and the broad-based diplomacy needed to solve […]

Americans change their priorities

July 23rd, 2002 – 8:05 pm
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“Wagging the dog no longer cuts it. If the Bush administration wants to distract Americans from watching their 401(k)’s go down the toilet, it will have to unleash the whole kennel. Maybe only unilateral annihilation of the entire axis of evil will do. Though the fate of John Walker Lindh was once a national obsession, […]

Democrats vs. Greens

July 22nd, 2002 – 8:46 pm
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Sam Smith writes in today’s Undernews: “ANTI-GREEN WITH ENVY AMERICA’S MORIBUND liberal-left can’t stand the idea that there is actually a federally qualified, lively progressive political party that refuses to pay it any mind. While the Green Party is doing so well that both parties tried to cut deals with it in New Mexico, the […]


July 22nd, 2002 – 8:40 pm
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“US air strikes in Afghanistan have killed hundreds of civilians, according to a detailed on-the-ground survey that threatens to embarrass the Bush administration. The survey into the impact of the war on terrorism, published in the New York Times yesterday, claims that 812 Afghan civilians have died in the strikes. Conducted by Global Exchange, a […]

Resisting neo-liberalism

July 22nd, 2002 – 8:22 pm
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“Rio de Janeiro. A crisis is brewing in Brazil as Luis Inacio da Silva, the left-leaning candidate of the Workers Party, has opened up a wide lead in the upcoming October presidential elections. A victory by da Silva, commonly known as “Lula,” would be a political jolt for South America. Brazil is the largest country […]

Controlling those pesky protesters

July 22nd, 2002 – 8:12 pm
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“The U.S.’s nonlethal-weapons programs are drawing their own fire, mostly from human-rights activists who contend that the technologies being developed will be deployed to suppress dissent and that they defy international weapons treaties. Through public websites, interviews with defense researchers and data obtained in a series of Freedom of Information Act requests filed by watchdog […]

Words of wisdom

July 18th, 2002 – 10:27 pm
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From the July 17 edition of Undernews: “THE WAR AGAINST TERRORISM is the political equivalent of a stock market bubble – hope, hubris and hyperbole parading as fact. We have learned nothing since September 11: we are more belligerent, jingoistic, imperialistic, and anti-Muslim than we were before. We have thus accentuated the very conditions that […]