Holding the Israelis accountable

July 28th, 2002 – 2:11 pm
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“The Palestinian envoy to the United Nations has demanded that Israel be brought before the world’s new criminal court for the killing of 15 people in an air strike on Gaza City.”

In case you hadn’t heard, last week the Israelis decided to drop a 1-ton bomb on an apartment building in a crowded urban area in order to kill a militant Hamas leader. Their policy of assassination is bad enough, but in this particular case they managed to kill plenty of innocent civilians too (including women and children). In the face of worldwide condemnation (even from the U.S.), the Israelis are now trying to pretend that they somehow didn’t know that a bomb that big dropped in a crowded area would kill bystanders.

Read the BBC article here and more background on the story here.

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