No, President Bush, we will not help you attack Iraq

July 23rd, 2002 – 8:19 pm
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“The last thing Europe wants is to be accused of going wobbly on Iraq. But the American talk of overthrowing Saddam Hussein by military force is raising alarms in European governments. They are saying that any American miscalculation could undermine the international coalition that is fighting against terrorism, and the broad-based diplomacy needed to solve the crisis between Israel and the Palestinians. Also, they fear that a drive against Iraq would drive a wedge between Britain and the rest of Europe.”

The article talks about the reactions of various European governments to the United States’ obsession with Iraq, and what those governments think is more important at the moment (like peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians). Once again they seem to be tired of Bush’s tendency to assume they will all fall into line with whatever he wants, even when they obviously don’t agree with him.

Read the article here [registration required].

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