Americans change their priorities

July 23rd, 2002 – 8:05 pm
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“Wagging the dog no longer cuts it. If the Bush administration wants to distract Americans from watching their 401(k)’s go down the toilet, it will have to unleash the whole kennel. Maybe only unilateral annihilation of the entire axis of evil will do. Though the fate of John Walker Lindh was once a national obsession, its resolution couldn’t knock Wall Street from the top of the evening news this week. Neither could the president’s White House lawn rollout of his homeland security master plan. When John Ashcroft, in full quiver, told Congress that the country was dotted with Al Qaeda sleeper cells ‘waiting to strike again,’ he commanded less media attention than Ted Williams’s corpse.”

An interesting op-ed piece about how the President and the rest of the corporate puppets in Washington still don’t get just how angry their consituents are about the recent financial scandals and the lukewarm response to them.

Read it here [registration required].

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