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Greens out to destroy liberals?

June 15th, 2002 – 3:02 pm
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There’s a rather ludicrous opinion piece I found, which more or less accuses the Greens of purposely sabotaging Democrats by running candidates. It seems to completely ignore the fact that the Greens actually believe in something, and have positions which differ from those of the Democrats, and instead assumes that all of the people who […]

So maybe he wasn’t about to nuke D.C. after all

June 15th, 2002 – 2:42 pm
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On Wednesday, both people in the Bush adminstration and law enforcement officials admitted that Attorney General John Ashcroft’s remarks about Jose Padilla were exaggerated. Is anyone really surprised by this? The whole reason for announcing this arrest in the first place was to try and distract attention away from the pre-9/11 screw-ups in the FBI […]

Plutocracy and Politics

June 15th, 2002 – 2:21 pm
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Plutocracy and Politics There was an interesting op-ed piece [registration required] in the New York Times this week which summarized some of the arguments made in Kevin Phillips’s ‘Wealth and Democracy’: A Political History of the American Rich. Mainly it talks about the appalling concentration of wealth in the US, and the lack of desire […]

Plots, plans and panics

June 11th, 2002 – 8:35 pm
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Plots, plans and panics While searching around the web for more information about the story that changed, I found this well-written UK perspective on the USA’s anti-terror strategy at The Guardian. It’s well worth a read.

More on alleged terrorist Jose

June 11th, 2002 – 8:14 pm
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More on alleged terrorist Jose Padilla Here is a story about what Padilla’s lawyer thinks of his detainment as an ‘enemy combatant,’ and the rights he has lost because of it. And yes, I did save a copy of the story in case CNN decided to change or remove it.

The corporate media and ‘patriotism’

June 11th, 2002 – 7:52 pm
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The corporate media and ‘patriotism’ This evening I had an eyeopening experience involving the American corporate media. I stopped by a site called, and saw a headline that read “US Backs Off ‘Dirty Bomber’ Charges.” It linked to a story at, so I went to read the whole thing for myself. While there […]

Sam Smith, again

June 11th, 2002 – 7:07 pm
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Sam Smith, again Okay, I don’t want to turn this blog into nothing but a bunch of Sam Smith quotes, but today’s issue of Undernews had something by him that I thought was absolutely great: FINAL THOUGHTS Your editor woke up this morning to find in his Washington Post a map of the damage that […]

Making the world safe…

June 10th, 2002 – 9:32 pm
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Making the world safe… for drug lords The UN’s drug control office estimates that this year opium production in Afghanistan will be about 3000 tons, way up from last year’s yield of merely 300 tons (most of that from the areas held by our erstwhile allies the Northern Alliance) after the Taliban government banned opium […]

Ship of fools

June 10th, 2002 – 8:06 pm
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Ship of fools From today’s issue of Sam Smith’s excellent Undernews. SHIP OF FOOLS THE SHIP OF STATE these days is a vessel full of fools, steered by an administration engaged in the reckless endangerment of its citizens as a servile and sycophantic media cheers it on. Less obvious in Washington, however, is the almost […]

The witch-hunt continues Our government

June 8th, 2002 – 10:42 pm
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The witch-hunt continues Our government has now decided that more than 100,000 Muslims and Middle Eastern nationals living legally in the United States need to be fingerprinted and need to register their whereabouts. Exactly how this ethnic profiling is supposed to do anything other than encourage these people not to cooperate with the US Government […]