Won’t be fooled again

June 17th, 2002 – 10:22 pm
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From the front page of Indymedia:

Opposed utility sales go forward, igniting protests

A state of emergency has been imposed on Arequipa, Peru’s second largest city, following days
of protests over the privatization of two state-owned electricity generators, Egasa and Egesur. The
martial law measures will restrict people from leaving or entering the city, and a curfew is also likely.

Protests erupted in southern Peru on Thursday when the Peruvian government, led by President
Alejandro Toledo, reneged on campaign-pledges made last year to not sell the state-owned

Local authorities have claimed that seven were injured in protests on Sunday, including one activist
suffering gunshot wounds, but recent reports reveal that more than a 100 protestors may be injured
from the day’s events.

See also a more detailed BBC World News story here.

Basically, a President with a 20% approval rating is trying to convince the people that privatizing the electric companies (which he’d promised not to do) is going to benefit them, rather than just benefitting his cronies and the company that buys them, which is what happens most of the time with these privatization schemes, especially in developing countries.

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