March 11, 2006


The Hairy Lemon

Met up with C.E. Murphy for a couple days in Dublin. Our first stop was a pub known as the Hairy Lemon on Lower Stephen Street near the Green (where I also got to stop off and buy some lovely tea from Bewley's). I had the most marvelous Irish stew with a very tasty brown bread and a baked potato on the side (as my companion said - they like potatoes with their potatoes here!).

Foley's Pub

Had a very proper Irish breakfast here. And glad to finally get one. I even tried the blood pudding (but I still can't quite make myself get through it). We also ended up back here in the evening and got the best Scottish floor show Ireland has ever seen. I had a proper pint of cider and Catie had a Bailey's while we enjoyed the live performer and the singing along.

Elephant and Castle

Photo Credit: C.E. Murphy

Originally, we'd thought to have dinner at the Tea Room, but upon reviewing the menu decided we just weren't in the mood for something that was trying that hard. So we strolled through the Temple Bar area and stopped to ask directions to a CD shop we were looking for and someone mentioned the Elephant and Castle, which I had heard of before. We decided to head over there and it turned out to be a lovely choice. First we split a goat cheese and tomato tart that was absolutely perfect. And then we both decided to just go with burgers (they had a bunch of different ones listed). I ordered the stilton, which as Catie said came with an absolutely absurd piece of cheese. Have a little cheese with your burger? We had a grand time and though the place got rather crowded, I'd definitely recommend it for good solid comfort food at reasonable prices. I had creme brulee for dessert. It's the one I find second hardest to resist. (Turns out they also have a location in New York that I'll have to try out though the menu isn't even vaguely the same.)

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