January 2009 Movies

The Fall [3.5/5] [Amazon]

This story within a story had absolutely astonishing cinematography, but I wasn’t at all fond of the actress chosen to play the little girl, and I thought the whole thing fell apart during the last quarter of the film. It’s still worth seeing though, just for the images that director Tarsem Singh puts on the screen.

The Duchess [3.5/5] [Amazon]

Both Ralph Fiennes and Keira Knightley give good performances in this story the life of 18th century aristocrat Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire, but for me the whole thing didn’t do much to rise above what felt like a too familiar style of costume drama.

Appaloosa [4.5/5] [Amazon]

Based on a novel by Robert Parker, this old-school Western has great dialogue, fine performances (especially from Ed Harris and Viggo Mortensen) and lots of atmosphere. Highly recommended.

WALL-E [5/5] [Amazon]

Wow. This brilliant film from Pixar completely lived up to all of the hype, and is definitely more than just another animated feature. The script hits just the right note almost every time, the overall story is great, and the CG animation is astoundingly good. Very highly recommended.

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