Bruce Campbell, Live!

On Sunday, Jenn and I went to see the incredible Bruce Campbell, who was doing a Q&A session after showings of his new movie, My Name is Bruce, at a theater in Hartford.

The basic premise of My Name is Bruce is that a desperate small town called Gold Lick kidnaps B-movie actor Bruce Campbell to save it from Guan-Di, the angry Chinese god of war (and protector of bean curd). As one might imagine, hilarity ensues, as the movie (directed by Bruce himself) pokes fun at both the actor and B-movies. This is not a piece of high cinema, but it’s a lot of cheesy fun, especially if you’re a Bruce Campbell fan.

The main reason I was there wasn’t the movie though (which I would have otherwise waited to see on DVD), it was the chance to see Bruce himself in person. I wasn’t disappointed. Bruce was funny and sarcastic as he answered questions about the movie and his career, with the occasional cutting retort for those in the audience who were trying to be witty at his expense. He was also appropriately horrified at the young women who had drawn pictures of him riding a unicorn. Yikes. It was a sold out show, and I think everyone went away happy, except maybe those people who apparently thought Bruce would be doing signings in addition to three Q&A sessions every night.

Bruce is heading down toward the Mid-Atlantic states next, then taking a swing through the upper Midwest before hitting the West Coast (full calender here). If you’re a Bruce Campbell fan, buy your tickets in advance and go see him! You’ll be glad you did.

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