June & July movies

In an attempt at starting to catch up on reviewing the movies I saw over the summer, here are the ones from June and July.

Mostly Martha [4/5] [Amazon]

Bella Martha (the original German title) may not be a perfect film, but a very strong performance by Martina Gedeck makes this story of a chef forced to face an entirely different aspect of life very worth seeing. The cooking bits are pretty good too.

Control [2/5] [Amazon]

Even if you’re a Joy Division fan (which I definitely am) you’re likely to find this version of the rise and fall of Ian Curtis to be dull far too much of the time. The performance sequences, though well done, aren’t enough to save it.

In Bruges [4.5/5] [Amazon]

This dark comedy gets really dark, but it’s still an amazing piece of work, with stand-out performances by both Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson. Highly recommended.

Sweeney Todd [2/5] [Amazon]

I liked Johnny Depp’s singing well enough, but I overall found this movie to be a bit too drab for me, despite the gallons of blood that were sprayed around. I found myself enjoying it less and less as it went along.

Atonement [2/5] [Amazon]

It starts off well, but then goes entirely in the tank. The scenes in Dunkirk struck me as especially pointless, and I found the ending to be completely unsatisfying (even if it was true to McEwan’s novel).

Penelope [4/5] [Amazon]

A sweet and enjoyable fairy tale, with a nice performance by Christina Ricci.

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