Summer concerts

Somehow I’ve managed not to mention any of the concerts I’ve been to since May, so here’s a quick rundown:

June 5 – Over the Rhine at Sellersville Theatre (Sellersville, PA)

Over the Rhine put on a great show, but apparently the sound man was going deaf, because the volume level for both the opening act and OtR was so high that I wished I’d brought earplugs. No, an OtR show should not be as loud as one by Sleater-Kinney or Throwing Muses. My friend Jenn and I (along with her brother and his wife) had great seats in a very nice venue, but the thing I’ll remember most about the evening was how loud it was.

June 17 – My Brightest Diamond at Blender Theatre at Gramercy (NYC)

The MBD show at The Space last fall was great, so I was really looking forward to the CD release show for their newest album, A Thousand Shark’s Teeth. In the end though, I didn’t end up liking this concert as much, probably in large part because the new songs didn’t lend themselves especially well to being heard for the first time in a live setting with less-than-stellar sound.

July 31 – The Paper Raincoat at The Bowery Ballroom (NYC)

I finally made it down to NYC to see The Paper Raincoat, taking advantage of the fact that they were actually doing a set that started earlier than 11:00pm! They were one of the openers for The Spring Standards, and my friend woj and I made it to the venue just before Alex, Amber and the gang went on stage. The sound wasn’t great, but they put on a fun show, and I picked up a copy of their very excellent EP. As a bonus, we ran into Vienna Teng, so I got to chat with her for a while before woj and I decided to bail on seeing the main act.

August 9 – The Kane Sisters at a house concert in Fairfield, CT

The only thing better than going to a Kane Sisters concert is seeing Liz and Yvonne play their fiddles from about five feet away in someone’s living room. Wow. It was a wonderful show, with lots of great tunes (only some of which were named “Paddy Fahey’s”), and it went on for hours. My thanks to our hosts for their hospitality, and to the Shamrock Traditional Irish Music Society for putting the whole thing together. If you’re at all into the Irish traditional stuff, go and see The Kane Sisters if they’re performing anywhere near you.

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