Liz Carroll and John Doyle at the Iron Horse

On May 1st, Jenn and I travelled to the Iron Horse Music Hall in Northampton, MA, to see Liz Carroll and John Doyle perform. Since I apparently didn’t ever get around to blogging about the last concert of theirs we went to, I don’t want to let this one get missed too just because it took place during a week that was bookended by Veda Hille and Vienna Teng shows.

I’d seen Liz and John perform twice before, once at the University of Hartford and once at the Meeting House in Newtown, CT, so I was expecting another evening of excellent tunes and songs. We got to the venue before doors opened, so we could grab the small table up against the stage, which was the perfect vantage point for watching Liz on fiddle and John on guitar demonstrate their mastery of their respective instruments. They tore through two long sets of reel, jigs and other tunes, interspersed with a few songs sung by John. There was also an easy exchange of banter between the two of them, in case the way they played together wasn’t already evidence enough of how comfortable they were with each other on stage.

The only downside to the evening was the people at the table directly in front of Liz and John. They obviously all knew one or both of the performers to some extent, and they decided that this meant they should try to make requests and crack jokes whenever the opportunity arose. It was almost as though they thought the concert was for them alone, and not the rest of us in the audience. Given their reaction, I don’t think either Liz or John was entirely comfortable with all of this.

Despite that annoyance, it was still a great evening of music, and if you at all like the Irish traditional stuff, I highly recommend going to see Liz and John if they play in your area.

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